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Investing in convergent services & innovation

Investing in convergent services & innovation

On top of our connectivity services we develop innovative solutions which help our customers to live better and work smarter.


2015, the year we reinvented Proximus TV

We launched a completely new Proximus TV interface which is a real feat of user-friendliness. Based on the extensive study of user feedback, we developed an experience that works seamlessly on TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. The new Proximus TV experience brings together the best of live television, content recorded by the customer as well as an on-demand catalogue with content to be purchased or subscribed to (cf. Netflix).

The experience is identical on all screens and allows customers to seamlessly move from one device to another. They can continue watching their content when switching from e.g. their smartphone to their tv, and they can even record or buy content on one device and watch it on another device.



Deployment of the new Proximus TV interface

The new Proximus TV interface became commercially available for new customers in the last quarter of 2015. At that time we started the gradual migration of customers having the most recent decoder (V5 or V5 Compact). For customers who have an older type of decoder (V3), we work together with bpost to deliver the latest decoder to them at home. This massive proactive migration of 400.000 old decoders should be rounded off by the summer of 2016. From that moment, all our customers will be able to enjoy the new TV experience.


In 2015 we also launched the SwipeBox, an innovative solution for "swiping" photos, videos and music to the TV screen via a smartphone or tablet. 

Whether they are home videos on a smartphone, a photo from Facebook, music from a web radio or holiday snaps stored in the Proximus Cloud, the SwipeBox is ideal for quickly sharing them with friends and family on the TV screen.

Sports all around

We offer an international sports offer via 11, 11+ and All Foot. We also added sports channels Eleven and Eleven Sports, which give access to multiple European football competitions as well as other international sports leagues.

Rich entertainment offer

A rich entertainment offer makes the Proximus TV experience complete. We offer an extensive and continuously updated Video on Demand catalogue with more than 800 movies and series, and a Movies & Series Pass with more than 2,000 movies and series episodes every year.

We are the only Belgian operator to directly integrate Netflix intro the Proximus TV interface which makes the experience a lot easier for our customers.


Thanks to the deal with Eleven Sports Network we offer an international sports offer via our paying options 11, 11+ and All Foot. We added two new sports channels called Eleven and Eleven Sports, which gives sports fans access to multiple European football competitions, the American National Football League (NFL). International tennis (ATP 250), basketball, cycling, volleyball and Formula E.

Proximus is #1 in the Netflix ISP Speed Index

Since July, Proximus has been at the top of the Netflix ISP Speed Index, meaning we offer the highest download speed in Belgium and rank amongst the world’ s top operators for Netflix streaming. It’ s a fine example of all our efforts and investments to provide the customer with an excellent user experience for Proximus TV.

We also concluded a national cooperation agreement for Wanagogo, the digital offering of Studio 100. Proximus TV customers will have exclusive access to this offering not just at home, but also on the go. Children can play, watch, or read in a completely secure, advertisement-free environment, wherever and whenever they want, online or offline.

Scarlet welcomes Snow customers

Following the termination of the SNOW tv product line by Base, our subsidiary Scarlet welcomed many of their customers with a very attractive offer: they received free installation, kept their device setup with just a replacement of the tv decoder, and enjoyed a seamless transition of service without interruption.

In 2015, Scarlet also launched the cheapest prepaid offer in Belgium at only EUR 8 per recharge.

Targeted advertising

We launched a pilot project for targeted advertising together with advertising sales agency Transfer and Dobbit TV, the well-known Do-It-Yourself (DIY) channel. Our Proximus TV customers in West-Flanders received access to a local version of Dobbit TV which showed them targeted ads for local DIY businesses. We will assess the possibility to roll it out nationally.

Bridging connectivity and ICT

5 value propositions for the enterprise customer

We centered our offer for enterprise customers around 5 value propositions, making the offer as close as possible to the customer’s business needs. We focus on helping businesses to:

Keep their business running

Create productive and motivated employees

Collaborate smarter

Satisfy their customers

Innovate & grow


The fact we have solutions in both the Telco and IT universe is an important differentiator which allows us to go beyond mere connectivity. We leverage our IT capabilities to deliver end–to-end solutions including datacenter services and security, ensuring best-in-class business continuity and high availability Service Level Agreements.

Bringing Portima’s core business to our datacenters

For Portima we started putting in place a service solution which includes housing, hosting, database management (with Infosys), datacenter connectivity and the global management of their business-critical application. Thanks to our expertise in both ICT and connectivity we are ideally placed to manage the complexity of this project.

Ensuring business continuity at ING

To ensure business continuity for ING and to prepare their bank agencies for the future, we upgraded the connections to their 2 headquarters and installed fiber in more than 250 branches. We also manage ING’ s core infrastructure inside their own datacenter. This goes far beyond normal maintenance services, including service management, life cycle services, network optimization services (in collaboration with Cisco), as well as services to ensure optimal uptime.

Enabling company

This is one of the main drivers of our innovation ambitions. We’re opening Proximus as well as third-party assets to an ecosystem of partners to boost the development of “Proximus inside” solutions. It is our ambition to install central platforms for on-boarding and servicing, as well as broker upstream and downstream partners like IoT and big data players, app developers and Independent Software Vendors.

With our open API for carrier billing we allow partners to sell digital goods and have them billed on the Proximus invoice without the need of a credit card. Currently, Proximus customers can have their purchases on the Google Play Store directly billed on their Proximus invoice.

Credit card companies can perform a location check of the credit card owners’ telephone via our Location Based Services asset in case they suspect a fraudulent (online) transaction. By doing so, they reduce their risk of fraudulent transactions and offer a better security to the credit card owner in case of online identity or physical card theft.


Internet of Things

Complementing our existing Machine-to-Machine portfolio, our LoRaTM network is specifically designed to provide objects such as buildings, machines, cars and household appliances with low power sensors and connect them to the Internet. Through the LoRa network, objects exchange information about their condition and environment so our customers can monitor, operate or control them remotely. This only enables companies to not just innovate faster and run their processes more efficiently, but also to develop new products and services for their customers.

The Internet of Things is undoubtedly one of the most promising economic developments and we already completed a number of concrete projects which show its value.

Viapass (Road User Charging)

Proximus teamed up with Satellic to build the VIAPASS tolling solution - the Belgian road user charging project - aiming to reduce pollution, improve mobility and increase tax income. As from 2016, trucks will be subject to distance-based road charging in function of vehicle characteristics, time and place. Proximus delivers IT & communications services, and installed 800.000 m2m simcards in 2015. 

Big data

We are developing our capabilities in near real-time data analytics. There is much intelligence to be found on our mobile networks and this can help our customers make better informed decisions.

Some interesting applications can be found in the Smart City concept, where we combine our capabilities in order to positively impact the quality of life of citizens in cities and towns. Smart mobility includes parking management and management of traffic flows to reduce traffic jams and optimize transport. There’ s pedestrian traffic analysis for tourism and events, dynamic information boards and city advertising.

For the city of Namur we started a project to analyze who enters and leaves their city. We provide consolidated anonymous data detailing who (region, Belgium, international) visited the city when. This enables Namur to make the best decisions for its mobility policies.

To prepare its future ‘Be Alert Service’ which alerts the Belgian population via sms in case of emergency, the Federal Government called on Proximus to provide location tracking and deliver user insights to fine-tune the application.

The city of Bruges used our services to get insights on the large inflow of summer tourists much faster and more precise than ever before.

We helped the Antwerp Road Works (Wegen & Verkeer Antwerpen) by analyzing the number of vehicles passing by road counters near the city, giving them insights on where to invest in new infrastructure and do maintenance.

Efficient & productive

Our ‘New Way of Working’ solutions are all about helping organizations become more efficient and productive.

New way of working

Under the ‘New Way of Working’ umbrella we bundle cloud and network solutions that increase efficiency and productivity by giving organizations remote access to their applications and data.

We implemented WorkPlace as a Service (WPaaS), a secure virtual workplace that is available anytime and anywhere, for the Flemish Government and are now opening up the platform to other organizations in the public and private sectors.


For large & mid-sized companies we created Engage Packs: an all-in-one solution combining the rental of a smartphone, tablet or laptop and related services (insurance, configuration, centralized management and support) for a fixed monthly fee. Our ‘One Company Number’ solutions allow customers to manage both their professional and personal numbers on the same device through a smartphone application.

Proximus SME in the Cloud

For our medium and small businesses we developed ‘Proximus SME in the Cloud’ giving employees access to their data and applications anytime, anywhere from any device. Customers receive a scalable package with Microsoft Office, antivirus, unlimited storage space & computing power, and other optional applications. Everything is hosted in our secure data center so customers don’t have to invest in hard- or software and they only pay for what they use.


Proximus refocuses its security portfolio to answer new threats that emerge from new technologies. We’re no longer only connecting people but we’re connecting every ‘thing’ . This implies new security risks that require a specific approach. Our innovation focuses on the development of new solutions that will ensure the security of the Internet of Things.

All of this is supported by our EUR 46 million (2014-2017) investments in best-in-class IT security. This year we focused on our Cyber Defense Center to strengthen our existing Security Operations Center and further build our cyber security capabilities.


We also continued to play a key role in the Cyber Security Coalition, the Belgian cross-sector cyber capability-building initiative, which attracted numerous new members and now enters its second year. This year, the Coalition organized multiple experience-sharing sessions, launched a nation-wide awareness campaign on safe passwords and published the Cyber Security Incident Management Guide to help companies put in place a cyber-incident response plan.